About Suman Bhatthacharya

Suman Bhattacharya

Early age and love for Kirtan

Suman Bhattacharya was Born in 16th December 1974 in Alambazar, Barahnagar (near Dakshineswar). In his very early age (2 to 3 years), he used to cry a lot to breathless state with body color changes to blue. Then his father used to chant Hare krishna name, patting at back. This surprisingly used to brought the breath back. This phenomena indicated Suman's father (Late Shri Santosh Bhattacharya) that his son be taught kirtan.
Once at the age of around 3-4 years, during Dol purnima kirtan, Suman rushed to a kirtan program alone. Whole family started searching with police, later he was found to be in a kirtan program. This event gave another hint to Suman's father to put him in kirtan.

Early training and Mantra diksha

So his father started teaching himself. First pala was Nimay Sannyas. After that his father started doing kirtan pala (kirtann plot) along with his Suman. Father used to explain, son used to sing.At the age of 7, Suman started doing both singing and explaining himself. First recorded pala is Jaban Haridas at the age of 7. Ramdass babaji maharaj(who had been long in mahasamadhi by that time) came in a dream to Suman's father to request him to sing in his ashram in pathbari ( where Chaitanya Mahaprabhu came for 3 days, to raghunath acharya to listen Bhagvatam) at the age of 5.He did a pala there and father suggested to do naam there everyday. Impressed with this Shree Shree Vaishnab Charan Das Babaji Maharaj desired to initiate him with mantra. Srimat Vaishnav Charan Das Babaji initiated him in krishna mantra at the age of 5. Srimat Vaishnav Charan Das Babaji is panchatirtha in Sanskrit from Brindavan(equivalent to 5 M.A.s)

Further training under various teachers

With the suggestion his father's middle brother (Anil Bhattacharya), he started learing from various gurus.
First guru is Nilmani das - disciple of great kirtaniya Jamini Mukherjee of Murshidabad. Starting from 1990 to 97, Suman trained continously and then he was told to further persue with other Gurus.
Then Suman approached Rabindra bharathi university professor, Manoranjan Bhattacharya. He trained Suman further.
After this Suman approached another professior of Rabindra bharathi, Vrindaban Banik (disciple of great kirtaniya Haridas Kar who in turn learn kirtan from Srikhanda of Bardhaman and Vrindaban). Vrindan Banik is one of the persons to teach Garanhati kirtan ( this is an important school of Kirtan).
After this Suman approached Dr. Mriganka Shekhan Chakraborti, another professor of srikhol (mridanga) in Rabindra Bharati. He also taught some further kirtan.
Then Suman approached, greatest among his teachers, Dwijen Dey (disciple of Great kirtaniya Radha Raman karmakar). He taught many prolonged tunes manoharsahi kirtan school.
Some other teachers include Manoranjan Kangsabanik, Saraswati das, Shibu pal ( all disciples of Haridas Kar). Each of them taught a few tunes of Kirtan.

Formal Education

Passed Secondary exam (madhyamik) 92, HS in 94, English honours 97 at Scottish churche college. Alumni of Scottish Church college includes Swami Vivekananda, Srila Prabhupad, Mithun Chakraborty, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. In 2001, Suman obtained M.A. in English from Bardhaman university. In 1995 he got the first prize in WB rajya sangeet academy in kirtan.

Life devoted to Kirtan

In 2004, conducted a program on influence of kirtan on Rabindranath tagore as a part rabindra saptaha program at Shantiniketan. Broadcasted kirtan from Shantiniketan FM and different TV channels.
He can conduct kirtan in many different languages such as Bengali, Hindi, English, Sanskrit, and Oriya. He sings both in India and Bangladesh. His kirtan CDs are spread all over world.
Suman is experienced in singing kirtans of different schools founded by different vaishnava acharyas. Sings Krishna Leela, Gaura Leelas, and plots designed over the life histories of great devotees. Brings a synthesis of musical emotions of Rabhindra Sangeet, Rajnikanta songs, Najrul geeti, folk songs, Hindi Bhajans related to kirtan. Also emphasised on the simultaneously showing the related dance of indina classical schools and gaudiya nritya.
Suman has performed kirtan program in Delhi, Vrindavan, and in different districts of Jharkhand, Orissa, Tripura, WB and Bangladesh.
Pandit Yashraj was deeply impressed by his kirtan at Nabwadeep. He also performed kirtan in the presence of Dr. Mahanambrata Bhahmachari.
In 2011, he introduced Kirtan in Bengali Sangeet Mela for the first time.
On 23rd February, 2012, Suman sang kirtan on the occasion of 175th anniversary of Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa held at Belur Math, Kolkata.
On 4th August, 2013, Suman performed kirtan on the occasion of 150th Birth Anniversary of Swami Vivekananda held at India International Centre auditorium, New Delhi.The programme was inaugurated by Honourable Shri Shekhar Dutt, Governor of Chhattisgharhl.
On 8th September, 2013, Suman performed Kirtan at Scintific Society Hall in Nagpur. His daughter Sunanda Bhattacharya (a class three student) also sang a devotional song in this program.